In-studio classes: How does it work within the COVID-19 government regulations?

  1. What is your current class capacity?

    Due to the government measures and social distancing regulations regarding COVID-19 our class capacity has been reduced to 18 students maximum per class (instead of our "regular" 48 spaces per class).

  2. How many weekly scheduled classes do you offer?

    We currently offer 22 in-studio classes weekly and LIVE virtual classes. Plus, with a Membership you have unlimited access to our Members Library with 100+ yoga pre-recorded yoga classes and other online contents such as workshops, and tutorials. We continue to grow our Members Library every month. LIVE online classes and on-demand classes are a great addition to your in-studio classes, we would love to help you get started with them!

  3. What are you doing to make the yoga school and your yoga classes as safe as possible during this time?

    1. Limit the number of students per class to provide more than 1.5 meter distance between students at all times.
    2. Our already strict cleaning protocol has been extended further to make sure all surfaces, the yoga room, the bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected before and after classes.
    3. Each student’s temperature is taken upon entering the yoga school when coming in to participate in classes.
    4. All students participating in classes must pre-register for all classes.
    5. All students keep their belongings in a bag next to their yoga mat during practice.
    6. All students enter and leave the yoga school and yoga room one by one at a distance of at least 1.5 meters.
    7. Limit the time spent in the yoga school before and after class: Doors open 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Doors close 15 minutes after the end of class.
  4. Do you still offer outside classes?

    Weather and season permitting we offer outside classes in addition to our weekly scheduled in-studio classes, our LIVE virtual classes, and on our on-demand Members Library. When we schedule outside classes in addition to our weekly schedule we will announce these outside classes via our newsletter and social media at least one day in advance. These classes will then also be open for booking via our registration system Fitmanager (so you will see them on the calendar when you login to your account).

  5. When I come in to take an in-studio class, how do I know what spot I have in the yoga room?

    The teacher at the door (with the thermometer) or the teacher at the entrance to the yoga room will assign you your spot for the class.

  6. Can I change my spot in the yoga room, or trade it with another participant in the class?

    It is important for us to follow all government regulations and protocols so that we ensure that we can stay open during this time and continue to do so safely. Following COVID-19 regulations and protocols all participants are assigned a specific space in the yoga room. The assigned space is final for that practice. We ask all participant to respect these regulations and protocols that allow us to offer in-studio classes.

  7. Where to I put my belongings during class?

    In a bag that you bring (shopper) and place next to your mat on the white BYH sticker next to your yoga mat space.

  8. Why are the showers and changing rooms not open?

    Following COVID-19 guidelines and regulations we are currently not allowed to have our changing rooms and showers open for our students. Of course we would love to be able to offer you our changing rooms and showers. We will inform you immediately if we are allowed to open them for you. We do have a great accessory available in our store that can help you change out of your wet yoga clothes after class: A changing robe! (see also under 10 below) Email to info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl to pre-order!

  9. Can I use the toilet before/during/after class?

    Yes, limited use of our (front desk) toilets is allowed, provided you keep 1.5 meters distance from other students and teachers at all times.

  10. Can I change my clothes after class?

    We are limited to the use of the yoga room (and are not allowed to have the changing rooms and/or shower area open, see also under 8 above). To ensure all participants (men and women) continue to feel safe and comfortable throughout their practice experience, including before and after class we ask all participants in the classes to wear your yoga clothes underneath you street clothes and put your street clothes back on after practice before exiting the yoga room. An alternative for you can be purchasing a FULL LENGTH changing robe (a towel fabric type poncho) that you put on over your yoga clothes after class. You can take off your yoga clothes and put dry clothes on underneath. Provided you are able to do this in a timely manner, and are completely covered by the changing robe at all times. We have the changing robes for sale at the yoga school should you be interested. Email to info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl, subject: "Pre-order Changing Robe" to pre-order (Robes are 49 euros).

    Memberships and class cards (Strippenkaarten)

  11. I have a membership. How many times per week can I practice?

    With our current limited capacity of 18 students per class you can practice up to 3 times per week with your membership. This is to ensure all students with a memberships are able to find space in the classes to come practice. We encourage you to practice more than 3 times a week and to join our LIVE online classes and/or use our Online Members Library in addition to your 3 in-studio classes per week.

  12. I have a Strippenkaart. Can I register for the in-studio classes?

    Yes, you can book online via Fitmanager. Click here to login and book your classes.

  13. I don’t have any credits left on my class card (Strippenkaart). Can I buy a new one?

    Yes, you can purchase a 5-class-card (5 Strippenkaart). This 5 Strippenkaart is 79 euros and valid for one month. Click here to purchase the 5 Strippenkaart.

    New students/ Trial class request

  14. I am new to Bikram Yoga Haarlem/ new to bikram method yoga in general. Can I participate in your in-studio classes? Can I take a trial class?

    As a new student you are more than welcome to come take class with us! We would love to meet you! Instead of offering a trial class, new students receive 50% off you first full month with us! Monthly membership rate is 99 euros per calendar month (1st full calendar month 49.50 euros). Click here to book your membership. (Discount will be processed for your first calendar month after booking). Also with your membership you have unlimited access to all weekly scheduled LIVE virtual classes and our on-demand Members Library (with 100+ pre recorded classes, workshops, and tutorials).

  15. I have a friend who would really like to try your yoga classes, when can he/she participate?

    See under 14 above! We would love to meet your friend :-)!

    Class schedule

  16. Will you put more classes on the schedule?

    We are doing everything we can to offer you as many classes that work (based on available time slots, our current capacity, teacher availability, and time needed to execute the extensive cleaning measures and protocols we must follow in order to be allowed to be open and hold classes), we need this time to make sure the yoga room and all surfaces in the yoga school are cleaned, and disinfected, and the yoga room is fully ventilated (even though our heating system ensures constant ventilation and fresh airflow throughout the classes). Under the current circumstances we are able to offer you 22 in-studio classes, plus our virtual classes, plus our on demand classes in the Members Library. If you have a favourite class time that you would love to see on our schedule, email to info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl and let us know! We would love to have your input!

  17. Why is there so much time in between classes?

    We must follow an extensive cleaning protocol in order to be allowed open. We are doing what we can to clean as effectively and quickly as humanly possible. We need the time in between classes to make sure the yoga room and all surfaces in the yoga school are cleaned, and disinfected, and the yoga room is fully ventilated (even though our heating system ensures constant ventilation and fresh airflow throughout the classes).**

    We are doing what we can to offer as many classes as possible that work (time wise) for enough students to fill up the classes. Under the current circumstances we are able to offer you 22 in-studio classes, plus our virtual classes, plus our on demand classes in the Members Library.

  18. I haven’t been able to book an in-studio classes yet, all classes seem to be fully booked?

    We understand. We open our full class schedule for bookings at the end of each calendar month, for the following calendar month. If you check the schedule a few hours/days after the schedule is opened for bookings you will see a lot of classes fully booked. We do urge all our students to only book classes which they are sure they can actually come to, and no more than 3 classes per week. (Plus for members: As many LIVE virtual/on demand classes as you want!). However, it is very much worth it to check the schedule again a day or two before the class of your choice to see if any spots have since opened up. We see a lot of spots opening up between 48-24 hours prior to the start of the class. Also, please register for the waitlist for the classes of your choice which are currently fully booked so you get notified immediately when a spot becomes available (see also under 22 below).

  19. When is the next class schedule coming online (for the upcoming calendar month)?

    The class schedule is currently online until Sunday December 6. The schedule for the next period will come online at the end of November. The exact date and time that the next schedule will come online will be announced shortly (via our newsletter and social media). Stay tuned…

    Cancellation policy for bookings and Waitlist policy for fully booked classes

  20. What is your cancellation policy for the in-studio classes?

    You can cancel your reservation for our in-studio classes up to 12 hours prior to the start of the class you registered for at NO CHARGE. However, if you cancel within 12 hours to the start of the class you registered for, a late cancel/ no show fee of 25 euros will be charged to your account with us in Fitmanager. (Unless the in-studio class you late cancelled for gets fully booked again prior to the start of the class, in which case we will waive the late cancel fee.).

  21. Why the 12 hours cancellation window?

    We completely understand this provides a challenge for you and we would of course much rather not have a cancellation window at all. With the limited capacity and under the current circumstances we want to do all we can to ensure as many students as possible get a chance to practice in-studio. A shorter window does not allow students on the waitlist to prepare and register for the class and we end up with empty spots in the classes even though there are still many students on the waitlist. A longer window requires too much pre planning for students to be able to register for class.

  22. What is your waitlist policy for the in-studio classes?

    If you want to register for an in-studio class and the class of your choice is fully booked at that time, you can waitlist for that class. You will automatically see the option to go on the waitlist when you try to sign up for a class that is currently fully booked. Once you are on the waitlist you will receive a notification via email (and via the Fitmanager App if you have "notification enabled" in the latest/updated version of the Fitmanager App) that a spot has opened up in the class. Everyone on the waitlist receives this notification at the same time. The person who responds/clicks first, has the spot.

  23. I cancelled my reservation for class within 12 hours prior to the start of the class/ I did not show up for a class I registered for, but I have a valid reason for late cancelling/ not showing up. Will I still be charged the late cancel/no show fee?

    Yes, unless the class for which you late cancelled/ didn’t show up gets fully booked prior to the start of the class, in which case we will waive the fee.

    Of course we understand the cancellation window of 12 hours can be a challenge.

    This is one of the reasons we ask you to only register for classes you are certain you will be able to get to on time. (See also under 21 and 22 above). We also understand most of you will have a valid reason for a late cancel/no show and you had every intention to cancel on time/ to show up. And we must hold you accountable for your own bookings/registrations in order to offer in-studio classes at all.