Bikram Yoga Haarlem at the 11th annual Dutch Yoga Asana Championships

News 3 May 2015

As previously announced, the 11th annual Yoga Asana Championship took place in Rotterdam yesterday. The event was extra special this year because it took place in a public venue (at Shopping Center Alexandrium). This meant the audience was a mix of fellow yogis coming to support the yogis on stage and unsuspecting people who were out shopping at the mall and were captivated by the beautiful demonstrations on stage. It resulted in some great moments for both participants and audience.

We are extra proud at Bikram Yoga Haarlem because our team of teachers and students did such an amazing job on stage and gave some very inspiring demonstrations. One of our students, Bridget, placed second in the women’s division. One of our teachers, Lennart, placed first in the men’s division.

Many thanks to all the Haarlem yogis who made the trip to Rotterdam to show their support and also thank you to all the others who were there in spirit!

We will post more pictures of this event here soon. And if you were there and you took pictures: Send us a selection of your best ones at