FREE online Workshop: Intro to Bikram method yoga from Home & Beyond

News 20 April 2020

FREE Workshop Part 2 coming up this Wednesday May 13 from 15:00-16:00

Sign up via the link below and scroll down for more information on this workshop!

BOOK NOW (Free workshop May 13 15:00-16:00)

You were on your way to build a powerful yoga practice here at Bikram Yoga Haarlem. You were basically just starting to experience the positive effects of your practice and then…We go ahead and turn VIRTUAL on you! Granted, we didn’t do this by choice. We definitely understand if you are hesitant to all of a sudden be on your yoga mat at home and have to figure out the postures without anyone (physically) present to help you get it right.

Fear no more… Help is on the way in the form of this FREE workshop:
INTRO WORKSHOP - Bikram method yoga from Home and Beyond!
on  Saturday May 2 from 3:00pm - 4:00pm with me (Bettine)

We still can’t physically get to you, but we can take the time to walk you through the practice, highlight the key elements of the practice, and give you an opportunity to ask your questions. So you can feel more confident and able to practice from home.

And of course so you can come back to the yoga school when we re-open and show us (and most importantly yourself) that you used this time in quarantine to your benefit. 

What we will cover for you in this workshop

  • Help with creating the best possible environment for your home practice.
  • Explanation of the Bikram method sequence, the key elements and techniques, the benefits.
  • The most effective way to breathe during your practice and how to use your breath to move in and out of the postures safely.
  • In depth explanation of some of the key postures in the 90 minute sequence and their benefits.
  • Your questions & answers.

How to join us online

  • We use the platform ZOOM for all our online classes and workshops.
  • Sign up for the Workshop via the "Book now" link above or below at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop to receive the ZOOM-link to the workshop.
  • Install the ZOOM App (free) on your phone/tablet OR download ZOOM (free) on your computer well in advance (to avoid unnecessary delays at the start of the workshop).
  • Install the latest version of the FitManager App on your phone/tablet and enable Notifications on the App.
  • We will send out the ZOOM-link to the workshop in 2 separate ways (you only need one to join, but just so you have options):
    1. Via email: Check your email around 14:55 for the ZOOM-link to join the workshop (We send out this ZOOM-link around 14:50-14:55 on Saturday May 2 to everyone signed up for the workshop). And/or
    2. Via the push notification on your FitManager App: Check your Fitmanager App around 14:55 for the ZOOM-link.
  • Use your device with "Camera" and "Audio" on so I can both see and hear you during the Workshop.

Setting yourself up for the best experience during this Online workshop

  • Set up your practice space ahead of time: Yoga mat, yoga towel, water, extra sweater/shirt/socks.
  • Make sure your practice area is safe: Uncluttered, nothing you can accidentally bump into when moving around on your mat.
  • Hydrate before the workshop: You may not sweat as much but your body/muscles/joints/tissues still need fluids to function optimally and to best absorb the benefits of your workshop/practice.
  • You’ll have time to ask any questions at the end of the workshop. Write down any questions you may already have and have them with you in your practice space.
  • When you sign up for the workshop, feel free to email us any information about yourself that you feel is helpful for us: Injuries, prior conditions, etc. This way we know ahead of time and can give you the attention you need and address your specific needs or concerns. If you take the opportunity to do this make sure you sign up and email us at least by Friday May 1, to ensure we have a chance to go over your email before the workshop.

Did I mention this workshop is totally FREE?

And even if you are not new to the practice: Feel free (no pun intended) to sign up and join in, this one will benefit you all! (and of course I’ll take any chance to connect with you and talk about yoga :-)). 

I look forward to seeing you online on Saturday May 2!

Namasté, Bettine