It's our birthday! Come celebrate with us: Posture clinic and more

News 29 November 2014

Saturday december 13:

Posture clinic & 60-minuten-les met Bettine Meijer

Posture clinic

  • 2:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Embracing your tight spots…
  • Ticket € 40,- p.p.
  • (max. 45 places available)


  • Bikram Yoga in the Dark
  • 5:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Ticket € 15,- p.p.
  • (max. 30 places available)
  • refreshing juices after!

Speciale prijs

  • For Both
  • Ticket € 50,- p.p.

Theme: Embracing your tight spots…

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer… and they may become your best friends in the process… When you begin to acknowledge the areas in your body that feel tight, blocked or closed off, it literally (and figuratively) opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It also frees up energy that you didn’t know you had because you no longer have to keep up the fight. When we run into a tight spot or and area in our bodies that feels blocked or uncomfortable a common response is to just “push through” (running the risk of injury) and another one is to “avoid” it (changing nothing). Neither responses are very effective if the overall intention is to become healthier and happier in our own skin. Tight spots or injured areas are very interesting parts of our bodies and can help us become more aware, more connected and open in the process. One of my teachers used to say: “Don’t fight with your tight spots, that’ll only ensure that you keep them.”

How do you embrace your tight spots?

Bikram yoga is brilliant in the way that it finds your “challenged” or “less open” areas. This can be a big confrontation if you were not aware of those spots before. Moving forward in your practice has nothing to do with pushing through your tighter areas or through discomfort or even pain. It is also not about avoiding those areas altogether. In this posture clinic we will help you develop effective tools to identify and become aware of your “tight spots” and to safely work with and through them. It is going to be an interesting journey into the beautiful world of …YOU. We’ll have fun!

How is a posture clinic different from my regular Bikram yoga class?

A posture clinic is more a workshop than a sequenced class. We will address several of the key postures of the Bikram sequence and techniques used throughout the Bikram sequence. If you can improve your technique in those postures this will help you with your other postures as well. We will also help you with hands on adjustments in the postures and answer your individual questions. During the posture clinic the yogaroom will be warmed up but not to the 38/40 degrees needed in the regular classes.

What is the 60 minute “Bikram yoga in the Dark” class?

This class is a special “anniversary-day-only” 60 minute class. The lights will be dimmed for this class (so it will not be pitch black) but most definitely darker than normal. The idea is that you will be relying even more on the voice in the room (your teacher) to guide you in and out of the postures and on feeling your own body in the postures. Each posture will be practiced one time (instead of twice) and slightly longer so you will have to give it your best shot right away!

Are the posture clinic and the 60 minute class accessible for beginners?

Yes. The posture clinic is for anyone who wants to experience more ease in his/her Bikram Yoga practice and who is interested in improving their technique. The 60 minute class is for anyone who wants to experience what the postures “feel” like now that you will not be able to use the mirrors as much. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced practitioner.

Do I have to sign up for both the posture clinic and the 60 minute class?

You can sign up for the posture clinic or the 60 minute class or for both. Both the clinic and the class will be an experience on their own. The two complement each other well in the sense that you will be able to apply all techniques learned in the clinic in the 60 minute class.