New: 60 minute classes! What can you expect?

News 30 December 2019

As most of you know, the original hot yoga class is 90 minutes. The benefits that this 90 minute practice offers are unparalleled. I have yet to find anything else that offers this many benefits in "only" 90 minutes. That said, in this day and age it can sometimes be challenging to find enough time to build a regular practice (2-3 times per week) in order to continue to accumulate more and more of the positive effects of this powerful practice. Which is why we now offer a 60 minute practice in addition to the original 90 minute practice.

Classes at 8:00am on Saturdays and classes at 10:00am on Sundays are 60 minutes. Click here to log in to our online system. No account with us yet? Click here to register for our online system.

In the 60 minute class you will practice the same sequence of postures as in the 90 minute class, at a (slightly) higher pace and with fewer repetitions for some of the postures.

I, and the entire Bikram Yoga Haarlem team have practiced and tested this particular 60 minute practice thoroughly to ensure it can be practiced safely (just as the 90 minute practice), makes sense in terms of the overal intention behind the original hot yoga practice (which is to help you feel better and move free from pain each practice again), and gives you as many benefits as possible within the 60 minute time frame.

The 60 minute practice can never offer the full spectrum of benefits that the 90 minute practice offers, there is simply less time. Which is why we strongly recommend you use the 60 minute practice as an addition to your already existing 90 minute practice. The 60 minute practice is perfect as a maintenance tool for when you have a bit less time or just want to add onto your regular yoga practice.

Come check it out and experience it for yourself. We love to hear your feedback!



Bettine Meijer, owner & founder of Bikram Yoga Haarlem