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News 6 June 2015

They could have been at the beach… Instead this group of dedicated yogis decided to spend the afternoon at Bikram Yoga Haarlem! And we had so much fun! Thank you all participants for giving such great input and for being interested and motivated to learn more about this practice that we are all so excited about. We could have gone on for hours talking about the postures.

I think we covered a lot of ground today and I hope I answered at least your most pressing questions in the time we had. On to the next class to put it all into practice. You all inspired me and I hope you all inspired yourself to take all of today into your next yoga class. Because as you know: If in each class and for each posture you practice breathing and technique… you win yoga each time ;-)

See you in class :-) And if you missed it this time be on the lookout for our next Posture Clinic!