Saturday July 14 until Thursday July 26: Adjusted morning class times

News 4 July 2018

From Saturday July 14 until Thursday July 26 we are hosting a teacher training at the yoga school.

The Raja Yoga Academy “Teach to Heal” and “Leadership” training is the post graduate training for certified Bikram/ hot yoga teachers. Teachers from The Netherlands as well as from other countries will take part in the training.

For the duration of the training (Saturday July 14 until Thursday July 26) our class schedule will be adjusted as follows:

All morning classes will start at 9:00AM instead of 9:30AM.

More information about these morning classes:

  • The classes are open to everyone (like normal), including beginners and new students. Please join in, get inspired!
  • You can use your regular (valid) membership or class card for the classes.
  • All participants in the training will be taking the classes.
  • The classes will be taught by the Raja Yoga Academy teacher training staff.
  • The classes are regular Bikram yoga classes. They may go slightly longer than the usual 90 minutes (ultimately until 11:00AM).
  • From 10:30AM (after 90 minutes) you (as a regular student) may always leave the class before it completes, should you not have time to stay. (Of course we hope everyone will be able to stay until class ends.)

For questions please come see us at the front desk or send us your question via email to (subject: “teacher training”). See you in class!