Special offer for FREE week participants: 1 calendar month FREE with your membership!

News 27 January 2020

Did you sign up for our FREE week special in January? Wonderful!

We are excited to hear how you have experienced our classes so far. And how will you continue to build your yoga practice now that you have taken the first (very brave) step(s)?

To successfully continue your practice we recommend you take at least 2 classes a week in the coming weeks. We promise the (time)investment will be more than worth it: When you come at least twice a week, you are always more acclimated to the room, the heat, the postures. And you will quickly experience more and more of the positive effects of this powerful yoga practice. Making it much easier to stay motivated and to come to class.

Are you curious to find out what het yoga classes can bring you aan how (different) you are going to feel in a month or two? We hope we’ll have the opportunity to help you on your way and to support you in your yoga practice in the time to come.

When you choose to build your practice with us in this way your best choice is our Abonnement Onbeperkt voor Nieuwe Deelnemers. (Membership for New Students).

This unlimited membership is 89 euros per calendar month (first payment via iDeal, following payments via direct debit).

And good news: Because you participated in the FREE week you receive a gift card for 1 calendar month FREE with your Membership. (To use for 1 full calendar month in 2020 as long as your Membership continues). You can use this gift card yourself or gift it to a friend.

Our Memberships are super flexible and come with special perks:

  • All Memberships continue automatically and can be cancelled monthly. You can easily cancel your membership by sending an email to info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl. When you cancel your membership before or on the 15th of the month, your membership terminates per the 1st of the next month. When you cancel after the 15th of the month, your membership terminates per the 1st of the month following the next month.
  • You can also pause your membership 1x per 12 months free of charge for a maximum period of 1 month. You will keep your monthly rate (89 euros per month) as long as you stay on the membership. (Regular rate is 115 euros per month).
  • You keep your lowest rate (89 euros per month) as long as you stay on the Membership (also when prices for Memberships go up for new students).
  • You receive 4 buddy passes per year, standard 20% discount on workshops, and standard 10% discount on retail.

Questions? Come see us at our front desk or send an email to info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl. We love to help you further!

Namasté, Team Bikram Yoga Haarlem