Survey Class times 2018: Take our survey and help us continue to offer a schedule that meets your needs!

News 4 February 2018

In order to maintain the quality and the continuity of our classes we will start with a new class schedule from March 2018. The current class times will remain unchanged as much as possible under the new schedule. On certain days, the total number of classes per day and/or the class times will change.

Click here to take part in our survey (10 questions total) and help us finetune our class times to meet your schedule as much as we can.

You can also take part in this survey by filling out the survey flyer, available at our front desk (please ask us about it when you come to class).

Thank you for your enthusiasm about this survey! Notwithstanding this enthusiasm, we ask to please only take part in this survey once (either online via the link above or via the flyer at the front desk) so we can get the clearest result possible.

Note: You can only take part in this survey until Sunday February 18, 2018!

Thank you very much in advance!