Upgrade from 10 Class Card to Membership!

News 2 July 2020

Because of the government measures for COVID-19 the capacity in our classes has been drastically reduced. In this fase of our re-opening only particiopants on a Membership can currently book classes.

If you are on a 10 Class Card and you want to take class at this time, you have the option to "upgrade" to a Membership. How this works:

  1. A Membership is 99 euros per month. With a membership you receive access to our in-studio classes, virtual classes, Outside classes, and our Members Library (on demand yoga classes, tutorials, etc.) which we add to weekly.

  2. You can use the remaining credits on your Class Card as "payment" for the Membership.

You receive a "bonus" per credit that you use as payment for the monthly fee.

  • 1 Credit normally has a value of 15.50 euros (in case of the regular 10 class card of 155 euros) and 12.00 euros (in case of the discounted 10 class card of 120 euros). One monthly payment for the Membership (99 euros) = 5 credits of a regular 10 card, or 6 credits of a discounted 10 card. (this means you "receive" 19.80 euros per credit (instead of 15.50 euros) with a 155 euros card and 16.50 euros per credit (instead of 12.00 euros) with the 120 euros card).
  • When you start your Membership before July 15, 2020 you also receive a 50% discount on the month of August (pay 49,50 euros instead of 99 euros). (Which equals 2.5 Credits with regular 10 class card, and 3 Credits with discounted 10 class card.
  • You can exchange credits as long as you have credits left on you 10 class card.
  • When your credits run out, you pay the monthly rate via direct debit payments, just like other Members.

  • The Membership continues automatically, and may be cancelled monthly (cancellation must be in writing/email to info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl): When you cancel on or before the 20th of the month, your membership will terminate per the 1st of the next month. If you cancel after the 20th of the month, your membership will terminate per the first of the month after the next month.

Do you want to upgrade your 10 Class Card to a Membership?

Send and email to info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl subject: "Upgrade to Membership", so that I can process the upgrade in your account (I can only do this manually in your account). For questions also email to: info@bikramyogahaarlem.nl.

Namastë, Bettine & BYH Team