Win FREE yoga until December 31, 2019!

News 27 July 2019

Join our Yoga Summer Contest now!

Inspire us and each other by participating in this contest and win FREE yoga until the end of the year :-).

Are you currently on holiday? This is a contest you can join even when you are on holiday! So no excuses, get your game on!

The contest runs from today until August 31, 2019. The winners will be announced on September 1, 2019.

How do you enter the contest?
  1. Post a picture of yourself in a yoga pose on Instagram. (The picture can be funny, beautiful, serious, inspiring, happy, goofy, sweaty, or all of the above).
  2. Make sure you tag @bettinemeijeryoga (Bikram Yoga Haarlem’s Instagram account) in your post. (And follow bettinemeijeryoga on Instagram (if you aren’t already :-)).
  3. Make sure you include #yogahaarlem in your post.
  4. Tell us in the write up of your post how your yoga practice has enhanced your life.

Note: Post by August 31, 2019 to join the contest.

How do you win?

There will be 2 winners for this contest:

  1. The first winner is the person who’s post has the most likes (most hearts) by the end of the contest (contest ends on August 31, 2019).
  2. The second winner is the person who’s post the BYH staff picks as the best, most hilarious, and/or most inspiring by the end of the contest (contest ends on August 31, 2019).

BOTH winners win FREE yoga at Bikram Yoga Haarlem until December 31, 2019!