Win * Win for membership holders and new students in September 2019!

News 2 September 2019

Do you have an unlimited membership at Bikram Yoga Haarlem and do you wish (more of) your friends would just try it too? This is your chance to get them just as excited as you are about this practice (AND you get something in return, aside from of course the undying gratitude from the friends you are going to bring to class).

How does it work?

  • This September bring someone who has not taken class with us (or has not taken class with us for at least 1 year) to class!
  • The person you bring in September will receive a 50% discount on our Intro Program (he/she pays 19.50 euros instead of 39.00 euros for 1 month unlimited yoga with us!).
  • When following the Intro Program your friend signs up for an unlimited membership, you receive 50% discount on your first upcoming monthly fee for your membership as a reward. Win * win!

Of course we will provide optimal support for your friend during his/her first month with us, so he/she can experience how Bikram yoga helps you get in shape, live a healthier life, and overall feel better in your own skin. All things you of course already know!


  • You can introduce as many friends as you want, just make sure you only bring 1 friend at the time (so 1 friend per class that you are taking).
  • You take class with the person you are introducing. (After his/her first class they can of course continue their Intro Program themselves).
  • For each friend you bring in September who signs up for our unlimited membership directly following his/her Intro Program, you receive a 50% discount on your next full monthly fee.
  • This deal only applies for the month of September 2019.